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November 10, 2009

Stop Obesity Today!

Losing weight is a problem all around the world. Obesity has been linked to many other health issues. There is so much pressure put on people to lose weight, that most of us feel like, why bother? I am here to tell you that losing weight can be EASY, FAST and FUN!

  • Easy- Because food is something that we must have to survive, we have to manage our intake of food. Prepare food instead of eating out. Baked meat has less calories than fried meat. Make sure fruits and vegetables are included in your daily diet. Fruit is a good snack food, because it is sweet, it taste good and you dont have to worry about calories. Always make sure you are getting plenty of water.Water is refreshing and it also helps in flushing out the body.
  • Fast- If you follow the easy eating habits above you you will be surprised at how much better your body will feel. Not only will you feel better, but the weight will start to come off. Keep a scale close, and begin weighing yourself as often as you choose. Frequent weighing should motivate you and encourage you to lose weight.(You can do it)!
Fun- Losing weight can also be very fun. By being creative while preparing meals, you can incorporate laughter,which is good for the soul. This is also where quality time with family especially children is spent. Or you can make a game of it by disguising food for picky eaters.

Points of Advice

1. Only eat fruit and drink water 2 hours before lying down for bed

2. Eat 5 small meals per day, instead of 3 big meals per day.

3. Give your body a chance to metabolize the food you have eaten.

4. Get plenty of daily exercise.

5. Give your body rest.