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December 3, 2009

Letting Go Blog (POP)

Letting go of something we love can be very difficult. Especially when it taste so good. Sometimes, we must let go of things due to our health. Pop is one of the factors contributing to poor health. Not only does most brands contain caffeine, but pop is loaded with sugar. Pop is hard to let go of, because its contents are addicting.

Once you let go of pop, you will be amazed at how much weight you let go also. For people who only drink pop, don't think letting go of it is the end of the world, because there are some really good beverages to replace pop. Here is a list (just to name a few)
  1. Fresh lemonade
  2. Tomato Juice
  3. Tea (iced or hot)
  4. 100% fruit juice (natural sweeteners)
And old faithful (water)

  • I hope these suggestions help you with letting go. Click on the smoothies link, and try something good, healthy and fun to make!