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May 4, 2010

Metabolization - Important in Maintaining Good Health

The amount of food consumed at one time is important in overall health. The portions or serving size you consume in one feeding may be contributing to obesity.

Our bodies must be able to metabolize what we consume in order to maintain proper health.

Diabetes can occur when our bodies do not metabolize food properly. That's why it is recommended that we eat 5 small meals per day, instead of 3 big meals.

This gives the body a chance to break down foods and send them to the proper body cells and organs.

1. Chewing Food
  • Although I  don't have  a specific number for the amount of times to chew food before swallowing, because it varies according to the foods and the person mouth capacity. I do know that this plays an important role in metabolism.
  • Our food should flow down our throats and not go down in chunks. It makes our bodies work too hard to break the food down, especially when its done repeatedly.
2. Water Intake
  • The amount of water we take in daily is another factor in helping metabolize food and maintaining good overall health.
  • Water is the most recommended beverage.
  • Water not only helps break down food, it also helps keeps our systems flushed and everything flowing properly.

So, the little TO DO LIST
  1. Eat 5 small meals daily
  2. Chew food well before swallowing
  3. Drink plenty of water


  1. Our bodies have become so messed up with the processed foods we eat. We must literally retrain them so the body's natural hormones can once again function like they're supposed to. And it doesn't take some lame colon cleansing product to flush out the system, only the right foods. When you get the eating part under control, then add some resistance exercises to turbo charge the fat burning process.

  2. You are right! Chewing my food was included in my weight loss program in 2007. I have successfully lost 13kg in 3 months!
    Chewing my food is now my habit. I used to eat so fast (n more) that I become impatient having to wait for everyone else to finish their food. Due to eating fast, I get hungry very fast.
    Now, I eat so slowly that everyone has to wait for me! He-he!
    Yet, I still lose to one particular friend who not only eats slowly but also brushes her teeth every time she eats. She carries a toothbrush and toothpaste in her bag wherever she goes!

  3. Yeah, I agree on the chewing food properly .. But then, it's just been a bad habit that I always eat at high speed mode .. Guess I had to train myself to slow down what I swallow

  4. You guys are so right. Our bodies are designed to be healthy and to live long. There are so many things that we can do for ourselves to stay healthy. We can't depend on others for that. Others can only support our decisions for great health.

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